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Buying, selling, and even renting properties are huge life decisions that require substantial effort. When you choose a realtor, it is vital that they are well acquainted with the area your property is located in. If you’re looking for a Whistler realtor in Canada, contact us, at The Dream Team, to see how we can assist!

What does a realtor do?

A realtor is a licensed real estate professional that acts as a liaison between buyers and sellers. They deal with both residential and commercial real estate and have excellent knowledge of the area they work in plus deals that have closed. Many regulations and legalities surround real estate transactions, and it is hard for people to keep up with ever-changing laws. This is where having a realtor by your side can genuinely help.

Realtors have extensive knowledge about properties in the area and the buying process, a knowledge that’s often not available to the public. If this is your first time buying or selling a property, we highly recommend that you hire a realtor. If you’re interested in the Whistler region, we are the Whistler realtors that can help you.

Realtor vs. real estate agent vs. real estate broker

Most people confuse the terms realtor, real estate agent, and real estate broker when referring to real estate professionals, but there are crucial distinctions between them. A real estate agent is the starting level for any real estate professional. It requires taking courses and passing a real estate licensing exam.

A real estate broker is the next level up, and handle the more technical, legal, and financial aspects of a real estate deal, such as dealing with escrow accounts or deposit money. They typically have their own firms that could have real estate agents working for them. Real estate agents are basically the salespeople of the real estate world.

A realtor is a protected title that refers to any real estate professional that are members of CREA, the Canadian Real Estate Association. Both real estate agents and brokers can become realtors. Realtors adhere to a strict code of ethics, and not all real estate agents are realtors.

How do I find a good realtor?

The best way to find a good realtor is through word of mouth. You can find plenty of great agents online too, but it might be harder to judge which ones are good. Your family, friends, mortgage brokers, or even bank loan officers are great people to ask around.

When choosing a great realtor, select someone with an impeccable understanding of the real estate market in your area. Another great way to find good realtors is to see how quickly they can close a deal. Scan the area you’re interested in and see how quickly the ‘For Sale’ signs disappear.

The Dream Team is a Whistler realtor with extensive experience in the Whistler, Squamish, and Pemberton areas. If you love nature and an outdoor lifestyle, these are excellent areas to check out!

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